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Rumor Update: Samsung Unveiling Nexus Two Nov 8th

According to Android and Me‘s sources which include "multiple, trusted sources familiar with the project who have shared the same story with me [and] wish to remain anonymous," in an already-announced New York City press conference scheduled for November 8th (sound familiar?) Samsung will unveil, among other things, the successor to the Nexus One, possibly to be called the Nexus Two, maybe the Nexus S — probably something with Nexus in it.

Details are limited to the timing and that it will be running Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread and that Google, as with the Nexus One and their arrangement with HTC, will have full control over the software, keeping the development flame alive, nice and easy to root, but housed in Samsung’s hardware which judging from their Galaxy line doesn’t leave me too nervous over a departure from HTC.

Another outfit with a source of its own, RadioAndroid, a source they characterize as extremely reliable, said it would be called the Nexus S, that it would have a 4” Super AMOLED screen with a Hummingbird CPU (a la Galaxy S), easy rooting, definitely GSM and CDMA unknown and no hard buttons. And so far that’s all she wrote.

I wrote yesterday that this was slated to be sold by a UK retailer, but given that the Big Apple location of Samsung’s unveiling, I’m allowing my hopes to go up a notch.

Doug Simmons