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Samsung Cetus i917 In the Flesh

The Samsung Cetus i917 has been shown off by Engadget in all it’s plastic glory!  The shots are kind of blurry, but not the worst blurry shots I’ve ever seen.  Based on Samsung’s history and the initial sketch designs, I thought this would look like an original iPhone knock-off.  Suffice it to say that I’m pleasantly surprised.  I think this looks like a promising device, especially if Samsung stuffs this thing with it’s now rare Super AMOLED screens.  Looks like Samsung is doing a good job covering all the bases when it comes to WP7 design shapes.  This will satisfy consumers who want something slick and curvy while the other leaked Samsung device will fulfill those who crave an industrial, edgy look.

 samsung-i917-itw-02 samsung-i917-itw-01