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Samsung Denies Nexus Two Rumors, Bloggers Rejoice

A handful of blogs insisted they had inside sources who knew for a fact that Samsung will be unveiling the Nexus Two next Monday. Gizmodo really fanned the flames reporting that a friend of theirs got to play with it and took a picture. Allegedly leaked specs included, essentially, a Galaxy S with a better processor running Gingerbread without any Samsung interference on software.

Today Korean publication Danawa reports that Samsung told them that all this Nexus business was “simply untrue.” Danawa did not name this person nor can I find any mention of it on Samsung’s site, but given that they’re both Korean I suppose I can trust Danawa not to make such a thing up more than I’d trust Gizmodo on anything. But that doesn’t necessarily mean this spokesman’s claim matches the truth and it wouldn’t be the first time a company denied doing something and summarily reveal it.

What’s more interesting to me is this: The denial has been met with relief on various Android blogs I’ve checked, like Phandroid, among the writers and the readers, some thanking God about the revelation. They note that Samsung’s Galaxy S phone line which includes the AT&T Captivate, while high-end, is buggy, dinky, cheap and plasticky in feeling it compared to HTC, which would be sad to abandon, and the only noteworthy improvements over the Nexus One was the alleged Hummingbird processor and Super AMOLED screen. Definitely nice to have those two but maybe not at the expense of money and a sturdiness.

Playing with the Captivate I’d have to agree with that, and I realize that at the moment there’s really no one you can trust on Nexus Two successor news, but I’m curious where you all stand on HTC versus Samsung phones, hardware-wise, in general, regardless of the platform. Thoughts?

Doug Simmons

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