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Samsung didn’t copy Apple, says London court, and now must make public apology

android-eating-appleOh dear:  after Apple gets Samsung banned from Germany and Australia, the UK says, “Nay!”

High Court Justice Colin Birss ruled today that Samsung Did Not copy the iPad design for the Galaxy tablets, and did not infringe upon their designs.  And furthermore, Apple must now make a public apology to Samsung for the suit and defamation.  To wit: Apple must post the apology on  and keep it up FOR SIX MONTHS.  Also they must pay for notices in the Financial Times, The Daily Mail, Guardian Mobile magazine, and T3.

Apple lawyer Richard Hacon said that effectively amounts to advertising for their competitor.  Apple’s lawyers told the judge that they will appeal, and he has granted them permission to do so.  (You need permission to appeal?  That’s a new one on me, or maybe that’s a UK thing?)

Samsung had also wanted to stop Apple from even claiming that Samsung had infringed upon their designs, but the judge refused to do so, saying that Apple was entitled to their opinion.

Source: Bloomberg

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