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Samsung galaxy S3 redraw issue? (edit- new solution)

So, by now you must have enjoyed showing off your brand new shiny Galaxy S3 to all your friends, customised it into oblivion and… Gotten really frustrated at the screen redraw problem given to you in the new version of Touch Wiz…

We are in the year 2012. We have a phone that runs a quad core processor and packs a whole gigabyte of ram (or two if you’re in the American continent) and quite frankly outstrips most home computers more than two years old in terms of raw power. Every time we finish browsing the web, sending text messages or clear the ram, we should not be waiting a few seconds to use our phone, our brand spanking £500 ICS-running ultra-phone. Yet…

Some GS3 owners have been complaining of a redraw problem. They have been plagued by a sluggish wait for the phone to recreate all their icons and widgets on the homescreen before they can continue to use the phone. This is due to the way Touch Wiz is handled in the memory, and will most likely be fixed in Jelly Bean, but do we really want to wait? Do we have to wait? Is there any use for a condom in the Vatican? The answer to all of these questions (I hope), is no.

So, how do we fix this problem? Simple answer: without. Rooting Nd hacking, we can’t. But there is another question to ask- how do. We reduce it? It’s actually quite simple. We need to lock the Touch Wiz skin in the ram. Sound simple? No? It actually is. Here’s how you do it:

Open the google play store
Search for and download “GO TaskManager”
Run Go TaskManager
Navigate past the ads to the System Processes list.
Find “TouchWiz Home” and press it.
Click “lock”.
Congratulations, enjoy your phone closer to being redraw-free and super snappy.
You’re welcome.

While this greatly reduces the redraw, it isn’t a complete cure to the cough, just a spoonful of medicine.

I can confirm though, from the evidence shown in tests of firmware leaks, that the up coming 4.1 Jelly Bean update does cure this problem once and for all. Be patient, its worth it!

Did your phone suffer from slow redraws? Did you find any other work-around? What do you think of the S3?

Let us know in the comments below.





While the more “techie and hacky” people out there may have already known about this, the general user may not, but this has completely fixed the redraw problem, and in fact ALL the Touch Wiz lag issues fir me. It has also given me some of Jelly Bean’s features before Jelly Bean is out, while still maintaining the look of Touch Wiz.

Some launchers out there now include an option to lock them in the memory, one such launcher is “Holo Launcher HD”, which, once downloaded, gives you a similar but smoother experience than Stock Touch Wiz. It also gives you a lot more options. Going through the menus, if you change the transition effect to “tablet” then swiping between home screens will look almost identical to Touch Wiz.


Did this help you solve your redraw problem? Are you looking forward to Jelly Bean?