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Samsung Holding Galaxy S III US Event June 20th in NY

The wait is almost over and our European envy will come to a close until the next Samsung Device launch where we screwed again! Already launching in Europe, the Samsung Galaxy S III will be heading over to the United States and receive huge carrier support by all 5 major US Carriers as well as some Canadian love too. That is nothing unexpected of course sine the GS2 similarly received huge support and was incredibly successful. Now it’s our turn and in spite of the fact that we will not get the quad core hot rod they did, we will receive everything else with still powerful dual core processor. 4.8 inches of Super AMOLED HD screen pack the GS3 along with a Sammy inspired version  ICS Android 4.0.

So June 20th, if you are in New York then head on over to the Skylight Studios and crash this party and check out the guest of honor the Samsung Galaxy S III as it makes it debut here in the United States and gets an official launch date!



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