Tweet TweetI never saw it coming. I woke up this morning like any other day. Kids off to school, grabbed my iPhone and noticed that there was some updates. KEWL! I love updates! Number one on the list was TweetCaster Pro. (I’ll post more on that in another article) So I hit the update and read through the new features and was totally excited about what I read. YES! New Twitter app updates! I mean, how cool could this be? We just got a major new update to the mobile version of Twitter fro iPhone and Android and now we got some new third party goodness too! So I went to look for it to see how it was updating when I realized I was using Osfoora. Okay, I head to my Social Media folder to check out TweetCaster and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have a lot of Twitter apps on my devices! Why in the world do I do this? Could I be addicted? Do I need to pay a  visit to Dr. Jim? I wasn’t going to do that because I knew the answer already. I have a problem.

Yup, I have a problem. I’m addicted to Twitter Apps. I have too many and you can only use one at a time right? Just on my iPhone I have TweetCaster Pro, Osfoora, TweetDeck, and the Twitter’s mobile app. On the HTC Titan, I have Birdsoft, MehDoh, Carbon, Seesmic, and Twitter’s mobile app. And on my LG Spectrum 4G there is a shorter list with TweetCaster (free), Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Twitter’s mobile app.

Why  do I do this? It’s not like I keep trying them and deleting them in favor of better Twitter app. I just horde them in a little Social Media folder and wait for updates. Or in the App List on Android and Windows Phone. But here is a bigger question. How many of you like the mobile version of Twitter better than your desktop experience or even your tablet? I have the iPad 2 and just as many apps floating around on it and rarely if ever use it for Twitter. I just like the mobile versions of the apps better. I seem to be able to consume larger amounts of information faster and generally the user interface is cleaner and much less cluttered up! I like to be able to swipe through my Tweets quickly and stop on a dime for a Tweet that grabs my attention. Am I crazy?

What’s worse is I am only a casual Twitter user who has become more involved because of these damn apps! I mean I have so much information to consume from so many other places that I do not have the time to devote to Twitter. Yet, I find myself dawn to it right after my emails are read. I mean I am even ignoring David’s jabs on Messenger in favor of reading Twitter! Sorry David, I’m still right on all our political discussions!

I know I’m rambling here but it is only because I am trying to distract myself from going and buying Tweetbot that is getting great reviews but costs $3! Someone help me. I’m weak…

So are you addicted? Addicted to that damn little bird? I’m not talking about Angry Birds because I won’t tell you how  many of those apps I have, but that blue little Twitter Bird. Leave a comment and flame the crap out of me or let us know how many apps you have CURRENTLY on your device. I got to go, Dr. Jim is texting me for some reason! LOL


  1. For the record, TweetCaster was listed for iPhone and Android, TC is also available for Windows Phone as well in the Marketplace.
    I have the Windows Phone HTC Titan and I use Mehdoh, Carbon, Rowi, and the Twitter App, they all work better than TweetCaster.
    I had TC and it crashed, had login issues, problems with remembering profile updates, very slow loading, and other problems as well. As a WP owner, its hard to use apps that are prone to problems because it stands out like a sore thumb as perhaps the only problem this almost flawless OS could incur. When an app is troublesome, I am not very tolerant at all. What is gained in options is lost in disfunction for TC in my opinion.
    A mix of Mehdoh and Carbon would be awesome! Carbon has every option you can think of under the sun, but is bland in look and has a messy UI. Mehdoh feels and looks wonderful but is lacking some of the key features that makes Twitter addictive. It loads much faster than Carbon does when refreshing and that is a big plus. Add better list options for Mehdoh and it’s an easy #1.
    Twitter’s official app and Rowi are ok. For simple use these two suffice just fine if you need a little more than the Twitter function that’s baked into the Windows Phone OS offers.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on TweetCaster for WP. I never tried it on my TiTan. I use MehDoh most of the time. However, it is incredible on iOS and Android. No one must have read all the way to the bottom of the article because I was also wonder how many people preferred twitter on mobile over the pc.

  3. I prefer my mobile, my Titan is within in my grasp almost always. I generally am not on the PC except when writing up news blogs. Even when I’m writing at my PC, my Windows Phone is next to me for tweeting and facebooking, as it is so much quicker. It feels to formal when using the PC for either one of those 2 relaxed social networks, kind of like warring a 3-piece suit or tuxedo to go to McDonalds.

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