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I have a confession I’m addicted to Twitter Apps

Tweet TweetI never saw it coming. I woke up this morning like any other day. Kids off to school, grabbed my iPhone and noticed that there was some updates. KEWL! I love updates! Number one on the list was TweetCaster Pro. (I’ll post more on that in another article) So I hit the update and read through the new features and was totally excited about what I read. YES! New Twitter app updates! I mean, how cool could this be? We just got a major new update to the mobile version of Twitter fro iPhone and Android and now we got some new third party goodness too! So I went to look for it to see how it was updating when I realized I was using Osfoora. Okay, I head to my Social Media folder to check out TweetCaster and that’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks. I have a lot of Twitter apps on my devices! Why in the world do I do this? Could I be addicted? Do I need to pay a  visit to Dr. Jim? I wasn’t going to do that because I knew the answer already. I have a problem.

Yup, I have a problem. I’m addicted to Twitter Apps. I have too many and you can only use one at a time right? Just on my iPhone I have TweetCaster Pro, Osfoora, TweetDeck, and the Twitter’s mobile app. On the HTC Titan, I have Birdsoft, MehDoh, Carbon, Seesmic, and Twitter’s mobile app. And on my LG Spectrum 4G there is a shorter list with TweetCaster (free), Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and Twitter’s mobile app.

Why  do I do this? It’s not like I keep trying them and deleting them in favor of better Twitter app. I just horde them in a little Social Media folder and wait for updates. Or in the App List on Android and Windows Phone. But here is a bigger question. How many of you like the mobile version of Twitter better than your desktop experience or even your tablet? I have the iPad 2 and just as many apps floating around on it and rarely if ever use it for Twitter. I just like the mobile versions of the apps better. I seem to be able to consume larger amounts of information faster and generally the user interface is cleaner and much less cluttered up! I like to be able to swipe through my Tweets quickly and stop on a dime for a Tweet that grabs my attention. Am I crazy?

What’s worse is I am only a casual Twitter user who has become more involved because of these damn apps! I mean I have so much information to consume from so many other places that I do not have the time to devote to Twitter. Yet, I find myself dawn to it right after my emails are read. I mean I am even ignoring David’s jabs on Messenger in favor of reading Twitter! Sorry David, I’m still right on all our political discussions!

I know I’m rambling here but it is only because I am trying to distract myself from going and buying Tweetbot that is getting great reviews but costs $3! Someone help me. I’m weak…

So are you addicted? Addicted to that damn little bird? I’m not talking about Angry Birds because I won’t tell you how  many of those apps I have, but that blue little Twitter Bird. Leave a comment and flame the crap out of me or let us know how many apps you have CURRENTLY on your device. I got to go, Dr. Jim is texting me for some reason! LOL