Always wondered why is it extremely rare to see an Apple product in India or say in developing countries?  It’s because of this – mobile network operators, both Aircel and Airtel have officially announced the availability of “unlocked” iPhone 4 in India, 16GB variant of iPhone 4 is priced at 34,500 INR and the 32GB is priced at 40,900 INR on both networks, which is really expensive.

Fortunately the 3G data plans for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers is not that expensive, we would say it’s “okay”. For more details visit Aircel or Airtel’s official website.

Considering the price, availability after a whole year, almost everyone in the country is Nokia fanboy  (*Nokia WP7 devices coming soon*), we doubt iPhone’s sales number this year in India. Let us know if you are going to stand in the long queue like any Apple fanboy would do?


  1. Basically What you are sayin is that.. i carry an ipod for apps, an digicam for photography and blackberry for communication… which i think when summed up will cost almost equal(maybe more) than an iphone… why do that when you can get all that in one phone… and if you knew something about cameras its not the megapixels that determine the quality but the sensor… there are lot of shitty 12 mp cameras and 9.1mp dslrs that are way better in quality..! You just want to capitalize on ‘criticizing’ the best smarphone because everyone is praising the iphone and you wanna stand out by writing such articles..(With incomplete research)… Whatever happened to ethical journalism…

  2. @Tintumon: No one is ‘criticizing’ the iPhone here but the critizement is on its price in India. 40,900 INR for 32 GB iPhone? Kidding me? It’s super expensive. No matter how much worth is iPhone 4… no one is going to buy an iPhone for that price. If you are rich, then it’s a different story.

    “Most” of the phones in Indian people’s hand costs no more than 8k or 10k INR and you expect them to buy a phone which is 3 or 4 times the price of their current phone?

    But it is not Appple to blame. Apple has to pay huge tax to Indian Government, that’s why every Apple product is priced like a luxury product in India.

  3. Hi guys…

    No 1 was wrong with their comments it’s all understanding about the employee economy rate…

    Ex: in uk a normal sales assistant earns apprx £6/hr…. Probably if he atleast works 12hrs shift for 5 days/ week… 6*(12*5)= £240/week.

    So finally he can earn atleast £1000/month ( Inc benifits and exl tax)

    He can afford iPhone for just 1/2 his salary.

    Where in India and south Asian countries

    A normal sales assistant can earn max of 12k-15k/month salary (no hourly pay system in India)

    So he should afford his three months of salary to buy iPhone.

    So u guys trying to compare 1/2 and 3.

    Lol. Try to study the situations but the comments.

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