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Samsung’s legal team inadvertently confirms Nexus Prime

Did Google’s legal team inadvertently confirm the existence of Android’s highest of high flagship devices called the Nexus Prime or did they mean to name it? A very good question but what we do have is a pretty solid confirmation that Sammy will in fact be making the next crown jewel in the Android family of devices, the Nexus Prime. Samsung, who assumed the manufacturing duties from HTC and the original Nexus, simply called the Nexus S, will get the nod for the third device as well.

Looks like Google’s legal eagles where chasing down leaked firmware and sending out cease and desist letters to the folks posting on it and actually named the firmware to the Nexus Prime. Check it out:






So I would say it is safe to get excited about the Nexus Prime and start wondering when and where it will be released. I think it is a safe bet we will see Ice Cream Sandwich running the Nexus Prime which has been rumored to have an all new task switcher as well as a bunch of new UI things happening. It is also rumored to have a camera panoramic mode as well. Even though Ice Cream Sandwich has yet to be officially numbered by Google, some leaked screenshots suggest 2.6. We’ll have to wait and see for sure.

Stay tuned for more on the Nexus Prime.