I lit out this morning to put together an updated and well-annotated guide on getting Google Voice VoIP on Android over wifi and cellular using sipdroid, sipgate, SIP Sorcery / IPKall and pbxes.org but I can’t friggin’ figure it out so I’m going to do a switcharoo now and instead of telling you how to do it I’m instead asking you how to do it, if it’s even still doable, so that I can assemble an awesome guide as the existing ones out there are old, the screenshots don’t match and SIP Sorcery may not be accepting new signups.

This used to be relatively simple using Gizmo5 but Google bought them out a year ago and shut down new signups. Now it’s as complicated as hell but I’m determined as hell. Luckily for me we now have an Android audience on our site and I’m betting that not only some of you already know or can figure out how to do this but that you’re also willing to enlighten me and the rest of us so please prove me right. Here are the resources I dug up and tried to follow to get you started:

Google, sipdroid, sipdroid faq
Updated Sipdroid/G. Voice Guide
[GUIDE] SIPdroid & Google Voice setup (updated 3-12-2010)
Inbound Calling issue: GV>Sipgate>Sipsorcery>Sipdroid
HELP: Configuring SipDroid with Sip Provider

What I’ve done so far is set up sipgate and SIP Sorcery as instructed along with pbxes.org and sipdroid. But SIP Sorcery may no longer be an option for you as I had made my account a long time ago when I made my first attempt and threw in the towel, though the first link, a guide, offers IPKall information as an alternative. And now when I try to make a call with sipdroid I manage to hear ringing but then “Your call cannot be completed as dialed; please try your call again later.”

So, first question, have any of you pulled it off before? If so, how well did it work first over wifi then 3G and EDGE? Would you be willing to recreate your adventure but screenshooting the whole way through it? Second, if any of you are in the mood, could you please try to fire up those links or Google further yourself and figure this damn thing out and then let me in on what you did?

Along the way please use something like this Firefox addon or this Chrome extension to snap screenshots of everything and then GIMP to hide your personal info and either bang in instructions into this thread or email me the screenshots at damnit@batteryboss.org (I’ll censor out your info if you both trust me and don’t want to deal with that yourself before I post anything, or you can clean it up yourself – whatever).

Fellas if we could just compile a fresh guide that would get the job done on this that would be a big service to a lot of people, not just me and not just people in the audience of this site. That sucker would get proliferated. I’m tired of waiting for Google to offer this even though they just unleashed it on computers through Gmail and I suspect they won’t for whatever reason, which may be why they bought Gizmo5, to stop it. Who knows – but what we do know is that at one recent point this was possible to pull off and that it may still be workable and that it might even work pretty well. Think about it, free calls from your phone using your Google Voice number and doing it over IP.

Me, I don’t really need the free calls, hardly use any of my minutes but for some reason there’s nothing I’d rather do right now than solve this puzzle. So wash down some amphetamines with a few Red Bulls and waste your Saturday on this. And please, no Skype copouts or whatever, let’s tie this into Google Voice.

You know, I got a $50 prize last week from moneybags / editor in chief Doug Smith for being the most badass contributor to this site. I told him I only want the money if I can somehow put it toward the site. This sounds like the best way to me, putting a bounty on this, so fifty bucks goes to whoever sends me enough instructions (the first guy I should say) that I can execute successfully to get this done, me having a free chat with someone on my Android phone, VoIP with my GV number (as CID, bonus points of free webhosting on my server for successful incoming/callback on VoIP) on my end, regular voice (cellular or POTS, not some special software) on their end, after which I’ll compile it into a pretty little guide with your name all over it.

Fifty bucks on top of the satisfaction of hacking your way through this so that everyone else can, up for grabs so grab it damnit.

Doug Simmons


  1. Marginal progress. Followed this to bind up my IPKall and SIP Sorcery accounts, went to GV to tell it to manage the IPKall number, Google dials it to confirm by having me punch in a pin it displays, my phone rings with the call handled by SipDroid and it hangs up almost instantly.

  2. I tried with sipgate, google voice goes through but as if it were a regular call, not the sip client handling the call, and when I pick up, silence. Tried another sip client, same deal for calling in and out but the client appears to be linked up with my sipsorcery account.

    But sipsorcery may no longer be accepting new signups anyway so this wouldn’t help anyone but me, but I’ll dig deeper through those links for an alternative.

  3. Thanks but that’s the guide I had hammered away at first.

    Where I’m at now is that I can receive an incoming call but it hangs up on the first ring whether I’m using sipgate or ipkall with sipsorcery. Outgoing calls with the dialing plan banged into sipsorcery just ring four times and stop.

  4. Man this is frustrating. I feel like I’m slow close with that single inbound ring. I’ve spent the entire day on this.

    Let’s take a break and switch to speculating as to why Google wouldn’t just bundle this all up into Google Voice? They bought this Gizmo5 company in ’09, they have the capability, they’re doing it on computers, they know how to code in Java, they’re best friends with Level3 … only reason I can come up with is that the telcos would be just a bit too upset about this.

  5. Well then, I have to thank you, I have had the guide bookmarked for some time now.
    I simply haven’t had the time to even try it out. Now that you have done the leg work, I guess I can delete the guide.

  6. The first one leads with Gizmo5, noting the option to go on ebay to buy someone’s account. Not a bad option were I trying to do this for myself but I can’t make a guide for people in which I instruct them to go on ebay and try to buy some account to another service. And pbxes.org, worked on that this morning rigging it up to sipgate and sipsorcery and the closest I get is dialing out and hearing a voice saying the call couldn’t be completed at this time. No inbound, though maybe I need to work the sipsorcery configuration harder.

    But given that with pbxes.org I can not only hear rings but get a voice recording, could be a sign I’m getting warmer. I don’t get incoming calls from them but on their call logs the incoming calls to get listed as well as the outgoing attempts, and I’ve got it pumped into my sipsorcery thing for both incoming and outgoing.

    Maybe sipsorcery’s having problems?

  7. You bite Doug, you have peeked my curiosity, so I checked out the Archos forums to see what it would take to get it working on my tablet.


    A comment made on the forum sounded familiar to your plight
    “Configure GV Dialer to make ALL outgoing calls. Configure Google Voice to make NO outgoing calls. The Google Voice app is just used to avoid having to go the Google Voice webpage to check for and listen to your voicemail.”
    I don’t know if the mechanics are similar between your Nexus and my Archos but the trouble shooting conversations on the forum where interesting.

  8. I appreciate that but from the looks of the page it’s a brainstorming thing on all the different methods already outlined here and in those links in my article. But a few other services are mentioned in case my theory about sipsorcery being the problem and not sipgate, sipkall or pbxes, I’ll dig through it further.

    Just want to bookmark perri nguyen for the bounty at the moment who emailed me a bunch of instructions and screenshots late last night in addition to a lil’ gtalk session. Also the guy’s got an N1 with Android 2.2 with all this working so I could be in luck here. Gonna finish waking up and then I’ll try out what he gave me, so unless I report back with failure the fifty is earmarked for him. We’ll see.

  9. Ahh damnit I forgot to buy Red Bull last night. :(

    Maybe I can send the fiancee out to grab one for me, an opportunity to sneak a smoke by the window fan.

    Nah that ain’t right.

  10. Thanks Doug for the bounty! I’m glad I could lend a hand. I look forward to the write-up of your success in getting voip to work with the android device. With this, everyone would be able to take advantage of this.


  11. Any update and/or write up yet? I have been trying to solve this same riddle for several weeks (on and off). I have enough set up (Google Voice, Sipgate and Sipdroid) that I am able to make what appears to be VOIP calls thru Sipdroid (on my myTouch 3g) but it is still using my free minutes from Sipgate. Also, call quality was not very good (very low volume when dialing my Google Voice number/voicemail).
    Anything you come up with would be very appreaciative!

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