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Santa’s Christmas Activity Book Comes to iPad

Yep, Christmas is almost here and that means we’re going to be seeing more and more of  this type of stuff I’m sure. it’s a good thing though as the children will like it. Then again if I had an iPad I wouldn’t let my kids touch it as they’re not responsible for anything, and they just don’t seem to care. I gave them a cheap Android tablet and the next day my oldest broke the power connector on it for the AC adapter so now it can only be charged via USB. I can mention other things too that I’ve given or got them and within a week something on it is broke. It’s amazing, they just don’t seem to care at all.

Big Ben Parliament Creations (BBP Creations) has released their new app on iTunes today, “Santa’s Christmas Activity Book.”

“The app focuses on bringing the magic of the holiday season to children of all ages,” stated Aurelia Goodfellow head of Marketing for BBP Creations. Children will be able to select from 10 different activities in the app. Activities include; decorating a Christmas tree, building a snowman, decorating a gingerbread man, word matches of 2 different levels, color matching, 3 counting activities and of course writing a letter to Santa.

The app allows users to print and email certain activity screens as well as reset each activity for hours of playtime. Parents will love the app as it has parental controls for disabling the email, print and background music. The best activity is Santa’s letter where a child can write or draw their letter to Santa, email it and receive a response within minutes with a new email from Santa being able to be received weekly through Christmas.

Along with releasing "Santa’s Christmas Activity Book" for the iPad a Lite version was also released today, "Santa’s Christmas Activity Book Lite."