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Krashlander now available for iPhone and iPad!

imageGo go go! It’s out! For long it’s been an exclusive Windows Phone game, and one of my favorites, and now it’s out for iPhone and iPad. I’ve played the iPad version and it’s butter. Great game play, smooth as hell and a ton of fun. Here’s the link in iTunes where it’s available for $.99. This is the first 20 levels and if you work to get all 3 stars on all levels it will keep you busy for a while…and it’s awesome if I haven’t mentioned it enough times.

Here’s the official description:

Krashlander is a physics powered game that will have you blasting down large mountain slopes and soaring over gaping crevices to attack the evil robots that destroyed your world.
“What started off as ‘What did I get myself into?’ is now "Wow…this is surreal". -metalcasket, TouchArcade forum
-A fluid and precise physics-based control mechanic borrowed from an awesome, old abandoned game called Ski Stunt Simulator. I (the developer of Krashlander) have been obsessed with this physics-driven control mechanic ever since I first experienced it. It’s been a passion of mine to bring these controls to a wider audience. The controls are the star of this game!
-A crazy amount of epic rigid-body style crashing can be expected.
-A dedicated one-man development team with a notebook full of update ideas. This first release is very much just the beginning.
Evil robots from another planet have destroyed your world.
Revenge is your mission.
Your krashsuit is your weapon.
The story behind Krashlander is short and not so sweet. You play as the last remaining human, once a member of an elite force of Krashlanders.
As a Krashlander, you wear protective a krashsuit, ski down mountains, and crash into things. The krashsuit is your weapon. It is also, with it’s ability to protect and heal, your savior.
As the last remaining Krashlander, now simply going by the name Krashlander, your only mission is to exact revenge on the robots that destroyed your world.
Have fun and krash well!