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Jolly Blast Soccer Now Free for iOS

Ok, here’s a freebie for you. Jolly Blast Soccer is temporarily free on the appstore for iPhone, iPod and iPad. It’s supposedly an app for both children and adults, but it’s free so why not give it a shot?!


Jolly Blast Soccer the inspiring, motivating App for children and parents that teaches the fundamentals and skills of soccer is temporarily free in the App®Store. Jolly Blast Soccer is the first App in the Jolly Blast Sports Adventures series, and is available for Apple®iPhone®, iPod Touch® and iPad®.

The Jolly Blast Sports Adventure series is unique and different and a step above other Apps as it offers in game coaching by NFL All Pro Tony Gonzalez, “Coach Tony”. As you play through the App Coach Tony offers tips for the young player as well as the adult or parent aspiring to be the coach or wanting to help their child succeed in Soccer.  Join super-galactic characters Jolly and Holly Blast as they learn the joys and fundamentals of soccer and tips to keep them working hard, getting better and having FUN!

Check out Coach Tony’s recent trailer where he discussed what it takes to become a professional athlete and how crucial and enjoyable sports and a healthy lifestyle are for everyone.

To watch the trailer and for more information on the Jolly Blast series please visit