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Scosche Goes Colorful with New Line of Charge and Sync Devices

If you know mobile then I’m sure you know Scosche as they make plenty of mobile accessories. They’ve just sent over a brief note about their latest couple of products the boltBOX and microBOX which are basically retractable charge and sync cables. They will work with Android or iOS devices with the Lightning connector. The boltBOX is priced at $24.99 and you can pick from several colors but the microBOX is priced at $14.99 and it’s only available in red of black.


Scosche Industries, award-winning innovator of consumer technology, is excited to announce the availability of the boltBOX and microBOX – retractable charge and sync cables for Lightning and Android devices.  Available in blue, green, pink, red, black and white boltBOX adds a splash of color to your desk or laptop.  microBOX is available in both black and red options.

boltBOX and microBOX each feature a 3 foot long cable with a magnetic locking connector that easily extends and retracts by pulling on both ends simultaneously.  The compact cable is housed in a sleek enclosure about the size of a small matchbox, allowing users to always have their cable with them.
The boltBOX and microBOX are available now at for $24.99 and $14.99 respectively