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10 Million Turkish Citizens are Tweeting Once More

What do you do if you are embarrassed by  a corruption scandal that broke on a particular social media network and the Prime Minister of Turkey? Well you throw a “baby fit” and ban Twitter to 10 million of your countries subscribers to the popular social media network. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, head knocker in his Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party (AKP) had even gotten support from his Deputy PM Bulent Arinc who stated that "if the court gave such a decision, we will implement it".

That was back on March 20th  and today after severe backlash an “Ankara administrative court was set to inform telecommunications regulator TIB of the decision, and access to Twitter was expected to be restored later in the day, private NTV television said.”

Erdogan’s political opponents welcomed the court order.

"It was impossible for a totalitarian regime to silence the technology," said Emrehan Halici, deputy head of the main opposition Republican People’s Party.

“Can’t silence technology”

"It was a shame to try to shut down Twitter. It has done nothing other than humiliate our country," he told AFP following the court’s decision. "More people than before have taken to Twitter after the ban."

Hopefully this will be a lesson to these so called leaders that once you take something away it becomes more precious and more sought after and indeed more people took to Twitter and circumvented the ban. Apparently the Turkish Government is as good at rolling out it’s Twitter ban as the United States is at rolling out Health Care.

All should be back to normal now for our Twitter friends in Turkey. Keep on #hashtagging my friends.

Thanks Simmons!