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Second Gen iPad Coming Q1 2011

According to DigiTimes, Apples suppliers are gearing up for the release of the second generation iPad for the first quarter of 2011. Let’s assume this rumor is true for a second, what does it mean for you? I think we all agree that it will have a front-facing camera since that’s such an obvious omission from the first generation. Apple always has some tricks up its sleeve so I’m curious what else they’ll have (maybe a flat back so it doesn’t rock when on a table). Anyway, do you think this puts a damper on their holiday sales? I mean, if you know that a newer version is 60-90 days off, would you go out and buy the first gen version? The iPad will definitely be a hot seller around holiday time, but if people waited that long to get it then I think they’ll likely wait the extra two months. Agree?

via BGR