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See More Contacts

When you look at your contacts list the screen that appears has 7 entries and there is a list on the right side with the alphabet that you can scroll through to go to a specific letter (called Random Access).  Each of the entries is two lines with the first line giving you the name and the second line giving you the number. But really, do you need to see the number? The phone has it saved anyway. So if you want to see 11 contacts per page then go to Menu – Options (within contacts) and check ‘show contact names only’. Now the one downside is that Random Access will no longer appear in the contacts menu. If you want to add a list at the top of the screen with letter groupings (so there’s a lmn button that goes to ‘L’ for example) then also check the box for  ‘show alphabetical index’) and in that case you’ll have 10 entries per page. In all of these choices, you can go to the contact and press left/right on the dpad and it will toggle between home number, cell, text, etc.

And while we’re on the options screen, there’s a box for Area Code where you should put your area code so that when you go to add a phone number to a contact that is the prefix that will appear. Enjoy.