There are times when the native twitter client just isn’t enough. Yes I daily use twitter for it’s streamlined interface bit this week is a major week in the world of electronics. I need to keep up not just with who I regularly follow but also catch wind of any and all information coming out of CES. Enter Seesmic to my rescue.

What differentiates Seesmic on Windows Phone 7 is it’s ability to perform searches got keywords and organize the search in its own “space.”. Thanks to this feature I can quickly gain access to everything blowing in the wind about CES without having to sort through the clutter.

For those unfamiliar with Seesmic it is the same type of social networking client as Tweetdeck. You can find Seesmic in the Marketplace under the Social category.
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  1. Being a Twitter noob, just need to understand. So Seesmic spaces are basically saved keywords, like #CES. Or is it something more?

  2. @jimski: you have the ability to search for instance I have a saved search for entrepreneur and now every morning I check for the latest tweets and info concerning that topic. Helps me quickly pull up desired info on subjects. Its free so give it a whirl.

  3. Using Beezz and only following a few tweeters (guess that’s right) so like I said, not that into it all. But I guess I can type #entrepreneur in search on Beezz and check anything current. Just can’t save and access it with a single tap. I really like the Live Beezz tile so I will keep that around for a bit. But if I have a need for specific subjects/spaces, good to know.

  4. So far I can’t use anything other than the official Twitter app because nothing else uses threaded conversations.

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