Heads up to all you AT&T Premier Customers. The AT&T Tilt II is now posted on the Premier Website. Let us know if you score one!

The rest of us will hopefully have access to them soon via Internet or Telesales. All retail stores will get them on October 18th.

I have confirmed that they are in the Warehouses, so it should be happening soon for the rest of us Folks!


  1. Just looked on my at&t premier account and the upgrade price showed $879.99. I even logged out and back in to make sure. No way I am paying that much, surely they just have it priced wrong.

  2. I can pull the trigger for $350. It is tempting. I am sure the spare batteries and chargers are out and the screen protectors.hmmm.

  3. My delivery is on its way. Should be at my house in the next couple-few hours :) Will probably take it out of the box, take some high-res shots, charge it and then flash a ROM… just need to choose a chef.. ;)

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