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Senior Microsoft WP Manager Says WP7 Is In “Phase One” of Launch

We all know that the marketing for Windows Phones and the speed of deployment of devices and services is a mixed bag now with international users cut off from Marketplace features, ads not enabled in all countries and in most countries there aren’t even phones available for sale at all. Well Greg Sullivan, senior product manager for Windows Phone told Fierce Wireless that Microsoft is still in “phase one” of its product launch. He notes that the company wanted to build a quality product and hit their mark with 9 of 10 users stating they’d recommend WP7 to their friends. In the second half of 2011 (wow that’s far away) they will add language support for simplified Chinese, Russian, Portuguese for Brazil, Japanese and Korean. He also notes that they can gain a lot of users without necessarily taking users away from other OSes since there are so many new smartphone users over time. Not exactly an aggressive amount of optimism but I guess it’s hard to be too loud during phase one. I wonder how many phases until international users can buy apps and not just phones…

via Fierce Wireless