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Shake Your Booty…er…Your Phone

Here’s a nifty little app for those who would rather shake their phone than press buttons. It’s  called G-Trigger, a G-sensor-based “shake” detector.

As the xda thread indicates, It allows you to trigger a predefined action on shaking your mobile phone (built-in with G-Sensor) in a particular direction. Currently it is in development phase, so please bear the bugs.
Supported shaking directions:

  • Horizontally
    • Left to right
    • Right to left
  • Vertically
    • Top to bottom
    • Bottom to top
  • Front & Back
  • Front to back
  • Back to front

It will trigger the specified action when the phone is forcibly moved from left to right or moved as above mentioned directions. Also you can assign different actions with keeping device face up and shaking device in any of the above action or keeping device face down and shaking device in any of the above action.