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The Mobile Spoon Reviews The Samsung Omnia

omniahandy Mobility Digest Contributing Editor and owner of The Mobile Spoon, Gil Bouhnick, has got  his hands on one of the most highly regarded Windows Mobile Devices on the market today, the Samsung Omnia! Loaded to the hilt with features and hardware advancements, the Samsung Omnia comes with a crazy long screen at 240×400 3.2” Long, Accelerometer, Optical Trackpad, Haptic feedback, and much, much more…

So what did Gil say?:


As promised, the fascinating Omnia has finally arrived to the Mobile Spoon, and it’s time to review it based on a few days of pure joy with this great gadget, known as the iPhone killer.

Will it be a good review? Or will it be another one of those iPhones wannabe’s? It’s time to find out!

So is the Omnia the iPhone killer as Gil mentions? You will have to head on over to The Mobile Spoon to find out and see all Gil’s photos of the Samsung Omnia.

Make sure you stay tuned to The Mobile Spoon because Gil is going to have more in his series of reviews on the Samsung Omnia. The only question I have for Gil is, will you send it to me when you are done? 🙂