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Share Your Life With Goomeo

ImageI stumbled upon this app called Goomeo that has some pretty interesting features that I think can be useful to a lot of people for different reasons. The first thing it does is let you share your files with other people using wifi (direct phone to phone) so you can share contacts, MP3’s. playlists, podcasts, videos, pics and other files. It also has a chat feature that lets you text message or voice message (like a walkie talkie) also using wifi so it’s free.  Through Goomeo you can also update your facebook status or tweet and you can provide your location and a meeting point. This is an alpha release and it appears to work for WM devices and the site lists other devices as well (iPhone, Android and Symbian) but I’m not sure if the apps are live at this point for all devices.

I can’t find a ton of information on their site and I haven’t tested it myself but some of the simple functions (like wifi texting/walkie talkie and file sharing) are very useful utilities.

If you’re looking to give it a shot the download is available here for free and of course, please share your findings with the group;)