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Shared Calendars in WP7 Are “View Only”

Paul Thurrott just wrote an interesting article about the simplicity versus functionality of Windows Phone 7 features and he uses the calendar in WP7 as an example. It’s obviously a very simple looking calendar and he has noted that functionally it is simple as well. Here’s an example of form over function:

You create a new appointment from the phone. You specify the Calendar (source). To which calendar (within that source) does this appointment get applied? To the default calendar, of course. But that means there is no way for me to, say, create an appointment in Thurrott Family from the phone.

We all know it’s a first generation OS but some of these functions seem relatively simple to implement and I think that may be the frustration in it all. What do you guys think? Has Microsoft in delivering a device for the masses gone too far in following Apple or are we expecting too much? Maybe the problem is that we’re power users and that’s not who WP7 is written for…but if I share a calendar with my wife I’d like to be able to interact with it. That doesn’t seem like too much to ask for.  Sound off.