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SHAREit from Lenovo

Just got an interesting email from Lenovo featuring a new program called SHAREit, that can be installed on any; iOS, Android or Windows (x86) machine. Sorry, no WP or Windows Store apps yet. Seriously, are you surprised.The EXE is a little under 9MB and installs in under 2 minutes. All it asks for is; a name to identify your machine (your current device name is the default), and an avatar (you get to choose from eight options). That’s it.

Meet the new SHAREit app, from Lenovo

This free application lets you send files (or entire folders) between devices up to 40x faster than Bloetooth.

  • No file size limit
  • No file type restrictions
  • No network required
  • No cost

Send files like; photos, music and videos. The files are saved on the receivers device

  • Quickly and easily find your friends and start sharing
  • It’s simple, easy and fast
  • Instantly share a party video, music album or photo library!

I installed the app on my desktop and VivoNote 8 tablet in under five minutes and was instantly able to move files and folders from one machine to the other.  Opening SHAREit presents you with two options; Send or Receive. You can change this at any time.


If you are the receiver, you will begin to broadcast a private signal


A sender can then forward a file to your specific machine. For example I sent this screenshot from my Note 8. You have to select a specific receiver device within range.


The receiving machine MUST accept the file transfer.


And that’s it.

This is especially helpful from me in the office where my desktop and personal machines are not connected via a Homegroup or network. SHAREit uses minimal resources when idle but does get the fans whirring when in use. I suppose you could leave it running in the background all day.

For the price, not such a bad deal. You can find the download on Lenovo’s website here.


UPDATE: Just found a third party app called SHAREit Alpha in the WP Store. While it looks like the Lenovo app by the same name, it sure doesn’t work like it. Very spotty performance after multiple tests. unlike the real thing. I have already reached out to Lenovo for a solution. Hopefully they are working on a Universal App to complete the circle. Anything’s possible. Right?