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Sidekick App MoneyClip Comes to Windows Phones

Sidekick users may recall the app MoneyClip. Well it’s now available for Windows Phones in an update version:

MoneyClip – the award-winning full-featured personal finance manager from the Sidekick is now available for your Windows Phone 7 device.
Take control of your finances and always know where you stand. MoneyClip is an easy-to-use finance application that will allow you to track all your accounts. By setting up your accounts and logging your income and expenses, you will always have a complete picture of your portfolio at your fingertips.
MoneyClip offers a comprehensive budgeting feature. You can create budgets and monitor your progress of expenses against your budget amount. It will also provide a breakdown of how your money is being spent within that budget so you will know where all your money is going. You can set your goals, track your progress and watch your savings grow.
MoneyClip is a long-standing popular application that was initially created for the Sidekick devices. The look and feel (user interface) has been completely redesigned for Windows Phone 7. However, it still contains all of the core features of the original.
The new interface is a perfect match for the simple and clean Phone 7 "Metro" theme, and allows you to easily get in, get out, and get the job done.

The screen shots look great. It’s $3 and has a trial mode.

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