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Signs Point To An Imminent Release of Skype (out of beta) for Windows Phones

It looks like Skype is going to come out of beta and it will be timed with the release of the Lumia. That means we may be looking at it being available as early as tomorrow by the way. What am I basing this speculation on?  Let’s put the puzzle together and take some old facts and add some new facts.

When the Skype Beta was made available last month Skype stated “The gold version of the app will be available in April.” Good start. Next up is a Windows Phone/Best Buy  ‘behind the tiles’ event announcement that shows a Skype app on the home screen.

Ok that’s old news. Anything new? yeah. There’s an AT&T Lumia 900 launch event going on now. Any good tweets?

Chaim Haas does PR for Skype by the way.

Now this can be a Lumia 900 thing because it has LTE and that can be another selling point. Of course, that will piss off the rest of us pretty well. Nothing solid points to a date certain but if there’s an AT&T party and they have Skype on it, it just makes sense to have it all geared up now and release it to the masses (uhm us). What do you think?

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