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Skinning Nitrogen

nitrogen skinScreenshotJust yesterday we discussed the Nitrogen player and overall there’s been pretty positive feedback so let’s keep a good thing going. One thing I didn’t go into detail on is skinning Nitrogen. It’s very simple- just take one of the skins from this thread and move it to (storage card)\program files\nitrogen\skins and then in Nitrogen just go to the Screen Selector in settings and you can choose a new skin. So you can choose from a skin that’s manila-like (it’s the pic on the left and the onscreen scroll wheel works to toggle through tracks which is really neat) or iPod like or just serene. Also, there’s a toolbox located in the first posting to create your own skin (make sure you share:)).

OK, while I have your attention, may as well mention that there’s a possible solution to AVRCP posted here. [AVCP is the ability to use your bluetooth headset to go to the next track, pause, etc.] So make sure your S9’s are charged:)

Thanks to GoodGets for pointing out how easy it is to skin Nitrogen and make it even better!