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A Heap Of New Fuze/Touch Pro Tips & Tricks Added In Our Forums by jimski

Wow! I gotta say our forums are blessed with a lot of helpful contributors that go out of their way to help people. Earlier I wrote about norcal colby and his VGA Skull Candy Splash, and now we have jimski adding a HEAP of new tips and tweaks to our Complete List Of Tips & Tricks For The AT&T Fuze & HTC Touch Pro thread which has been viewed over 210,000 times! There are some very good tweaks that everyone should check out. So head on over to our forums and register to take advantage of the collective knowledge of our community. Also, don’t be scared off because it is listed in the Fuze/Touch Pro forum, the majority of these Tips and Tricks are very useful for a lot of other Windows Mobile Devices.

You can check out jimski’s new Tips and Tricks by CLICKING HERE.