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Skype Adds Photo Sharing for iOS

skype-iphoneMicrosoft, the new owners of Skype have dropped a new update on iPhone and iPad owners that is sure to please! In the latest update just released Skype has added photo sharing as well as some other performance updates including the ability to leave Skype running all the time.

The photo sharing is a well received function that will definitely help me maintain a better communication with the Australian companies I work for. We monthly meet via Skype and as manufacturers there are products that are being discussed that having images or diagrams to work with would make the meeting more productive. The nice thing about this Skype feature is that there is no size limit so email size limits will not apply. Also, there are no MMS fees (if applicable) if you currently don’t have an unlimited text plan or have crappy cellular service where you live like I do.

Skype is no able to run in the background thanks to a much leaner and battery friendly performance update. This will allow you to “stay connected” and even get the IM’s or chat throughout the day. Head on over to iTunes and grab this update.

Download Skype for iPhone and Skype for iPad from the Apple iTunes App Store now.


[via Skype Blog]

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