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Smartphones Council: Roundup #1


Council meeting number #1 opens up and this week the council reviews eWallet 7 for Windows Mobile, tries to crown the best mobile technologies of the decade, predicts beyond any doubt what will happen in 2010 and sends a message to Microsoft regarding Live Anywhere and Windows Mobile 7

Joining forces with leading mobile sites (and more great ones to join real soon) – enjoy this stories roundup!

JAMM: eWallet 7 for Windows Mobile


With the recent release of eWallet 7 for Windows Mobile by iLium Software, JAMM decided to give the application a try on an HTC Touch Pro.  With iLium generously offering a review copy, the last few weeks have been living with the program to see how it eases daily life. 

Check out the rest of the review that answers: why a password manager is important.

Mobile Spoon: Best Mobile Technologies of the Decade

SMS? T9? GPS? iPhone or maybe the Droid?
What were the 10 mobile technologies that really changed our world in the decade that just ended? And what are the most overrated ones?

(And what does this picture have to do with it?)

Check out MobileSpoon’s 10 greatest mobile technologies of the decade!

MobilityDigest: 10 Predictions for 2010
This week Mobility Digest gazed into their crystal ball and made ten predictions for 2010. The most controversial prediction stems from the predication that Swype will take over the industry and become stock on phones in 2010. Apparently a lot of you love your physical keyboards or haven’t seen the glory of Swype, but we’ll leave that for another day.


Other predictions included the rise of voice controls, networks getting bogged down by VOIP and putting the breaks on GoogSMS and streaming media, the late arrival of WM7 which will finally meets expectations (much like Windows 7 did), the advancement of browser wars (hi FireFox), stock hardware for WM jumps to new extremes, and HTC cedes market share in the WM market to Samsung, Acer and LG who are getting a head start on WM7 with some sleek devices that overperform and are underrated. 

To get involved in the conversation check out the complete posting here on Mobility Digest.

1800PocketPC: Live Anywhere is coming back!
Back in 2006 during E3 , a prototype of Live Anywhere was showcased. It was a vision where anyone with a mobile device could track their gamer tag, message friends, purchase content for that device or set it to download to another device, and compare rankings with your buddies on various gaming titles by making the xBox Live a part of the Mobile World (see Windows Mobile screenshots).

For 2006 it was a big deal but in 2010 if this makes it to WM7 we need a lot more than just comparing our trophies, I do hope that Microsoft understands this. I am sure there will be some great games for WM7 with focus on Multi-player and this market is going to be huge. If Microsoft can integrate xBox live with WM7 ( they have the muscle power to do it ) and allow users to challenge players on the go it would be a killer feature for mobile users…


They key thing here is all 3rd party games should use this to hook in to the multi-player aspect of the game…

Read the full story at 1800PocketPC

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