According to The Verge, Microsoft will be using its yet-to-be-announced next generation Xbox to replace the way you consume cable TV content. The reports state, and multiple sources close to the next generation Xbox has confirmed, the device will channel content from your set-top and display it with UI overlays and added value. I expect this to be the glory that Media Center has always deserved – a seamless PVR experience.

Given Microsoft’s years of experience in this field, this report is far from far fetched. The Verge also gives a bit about the Kinect getting in on the action too, paying attention to your eyes and pausing video when you are in viewing position. 

The fight for the living room has been a brutal back and forth, but Microsoft is looking to take the lead if these reports are correct. What’s more, these are the kind of killer features Microsoft will need to stand out against Sony’s Killer PS4 announcement.


  1. They need to do nail it right at launch. If that means having just basic functions to start and adding features monthly then so be it. They just need to make sure to dot their Is and cross their Ts.
    Lets see where they go from here and take advantage of all their experience and lead position. Sony and others isn’t going to let them rest easy.

    • viewpv I would argue, if the features aren’t ready by launch it isn’t being done right. tired of waiting for promises. and this is not only a Microsoft thing, its technology in general these days!

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