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Smartphones Weekly Roundup


Here’s last week’s smartphones roundup, based on some leading mobility sites all around the world!

This week we look at the Sony Ericsson Aspen which is a front-facing keyboard device running WM6.5.3. It is kind of disappointing to see a QVGA Screen on the device. We also look at some Windows Mobile Games and Apps. In the WM Apps category we have the Resco Explorer 2010 and a fantastic apps from XiMad (these guys make apps with great UI) 3001 Wisdom Quotes and to keep you mobile gamers happy we take a look at Resco Sudoku Touch and a colorful puzzle game called Jumba.


This week on JAMM, Doug took to the stage, both ranting about the shortcomings of the Android Market and alerted users to the upsetting problem that the iPad brings to e-Book customers.

android market

While digging in some work stuff, the Spoon has found that DirectPush is actually a… DirectLongPull??? And since we started with some technologies, how about an Incomplete Guide to Touchscreens Technologies?

We saw Symbian going open source;  an upgrade path for the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 to Windows Mobile 6.5.3 that confirms that the hardware can’t handle Windows Mobile 7; and Google finally enabling multi-touch for Android handsets in the USA. And for Android lovers, our newest Android editor explores the benefits and drawbacks of rooting your Android handset.


This week was all about the software for Windows Mobile. We were treated with an updated version of the official FaceBook app, a beautiful new mp3 player that’s unique in form and function, and even
took a crack at running the full BlackBerry Application Suite which runs the Blackberry OS within Windows Mobile.

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