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Windows Phone protip for you!


As I was seeing what was going on in the Twitterverse today, I saw a nice little gem from @benthepcguy:


“#protip : Use My ContacTile & Metro Lockscreen Creator apps to make a scanable contact info QR code lockscreen on your #windowsphone”

I was very intrigued. I didn’t have my phone passworded, because having been the person lost phones were turned into, I wanted someone to be able to see my contacts.  But then they’d have access to everything and that’s not good, either.  A lot can happen before you can get to your Live account to shut it down.

So I went and grabbed both apps. They both score “just play with it” in the directions department, but they both do exactly what they say while looking nice and metro doing it. I quickly opened up My ContacTile and grabbed “My Information” from my People hub, added and deleted what I wanted (and didn’t want) in the QR code, hit the QR button (not intuitive, but that’s what creates it), and saved the QR.

Next I opened up Metro Lockscreen Creator and quickly set the three tiles to “Scan that –>” along with my drug allergy (just in case…), the QR code, and emergency phone numbers for my husband and my parents (who only live 15 minutes away from us).  The screen you create on *looks* like it has old date info, but that does not show up when you save the picture (it saves to your Saved Pictures album).

Go to Settings, Lock & Wallpaper, and bam! all set!  I set up a password this time and I’m good to lose.  But of course I don’t want to.  But, you know, I’m safe if I do.  I guess.  Meh, whatever.  It’s a cool idea, and a great way to combine a couple of nice, free apps. What else can be combined?!