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Galatea Game Engine Previewed

Galatea is a new engine for creating 3D games in the WM platform. Its developers have now provided us with some new samples to test (that should work for all screen resolutions). They’re impressive to say the least. The frame rates are amazing (possibly 40fps) and it’s smooth as silk. This has a ton of potential. The direct download link is here. The XDA thread (which the developer has joined) is located here. If you want to try them install the cab and then you will find the samples (6 in total) located in (storage card)program filesgalatea. After you run each sample you will have to use task manager to kill it before starting the next one.

Why go through all of this? Once you test it you’ll see why. This is the best rendering performance I’ve ever seen on Fuze. Lets hope they continue and this leads to a few full playable games.