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Smartwatches Making Consumers Say “Meh”?

Well even thought the writing has tapered off we are still talking tech behind the scenes and the thought now to bring you guys something new and fresh is to reestablish our connection with you via MobilityLeaks. The brilliant idea of Doug Simmons which was to take all this raw content we discuss and post it as an opened ended discussion to flame the smoldering Mobility Digest ember of reader engagement. So please feel free to continue the discussion via the comment section and hopefully we can reconnect with you guys again in a more raw and unedited way.


Jim: Well, it’s The Verge. But at least it’s a realistic observation.

Ram: Obviously they haven’t heard about Microsoft band. Yeah I get it, The Verge and it’s writers on the Apple payroll and living on Good ad $. That makes them to diss or ignore Microsoft most of the time.

Murani: Yeah, a realistic point of view.

David K: His take is what I felt about the Band. Merely a notification device. I may try it again but I haven’t used it outside of exercise for several months

David K: You’re right and I think that’s the point. A $300 pager is crap. When the large flexible screens really unwrap from a watch we’ll have something to talk about.

Jim: It’s a 1.5" watch. Reality is, what else can it do in today’s world. When the screen can project virtually, or you can communicate with it telepathically, or something like that, it may be special. But until then, it’s primarily a notification device. Like my 1990s SkyPager watch.

I for one got the Apple watch and was not surprised that I returned it. I was underwhelmed with the apps, disappointed in the alerts and shocked (but not surprised) that Apple did not initially give 3rd part developers access to the Health Kit. I have used the Nike App for a long time and it just seemed a pain to use when I was running.

So what are your thoughts on Smartwatches? Drop a comment and keep the conversation going.