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Zombies & Trains Comes to iOS

I feel like a zombie today, no seriously I feel like crap.. I spent most of yesterday working on a theme for another site and as the day progressed I just worse and worse. Last night I was in bed early and I woke up today feeling like I got run over by a train, blah…  So Zombies and Trains is now on iOS and well in the game you run over zombies with trains. Interesting idea I think. It’s not a free game though, it’s 99 cents for the iPhone and $1.99 for the iPad. I’ve got some screenshots for you and a brief PR..



Norwegian indie mobile developer Dragonhead Games today announced that their latest iOS title is now available on the App Store! Zombies & Trains is an action-packed arcade defense game that finally provides an answer to the age-old question: “who would win in a fight between an armored train and a zombie horde?” Players can blast through the undead with armored trains and add carnage with powerups in four different game modes. Download your ticket to zombie-smashing mayhem for $0.99 for iPhone or $1.99 for iPad today!
Watch the trailer.
Zombies & Trains features:

  • Choo-Choose Your Challenge – Protect the brain trophy in Arcade, pulverize zombies in Wave mode, see if you can survive a minute of Crossing, or initiate a bloodbath in Slaughter mode!
  • Create More Carnage – Set zombies ablaze with fire rails, slow them to a snail pace, or nuke the arena with a Mass Death power up.
  • Pick-up and Play Pulverizing – Quickly tap on railroads to unleash the crazy trains and crush any zombies in their path. Easy to learn, difficult to master,Zombies & Trains hones in strategy for survival.
  • Achievements, Leaderboards, and More – Unlock achievements from racking combos and reach for the top of the leaderboard with the most casualties.

For more info about Zombies & Trains, visit the official website at