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So my pre-ordered Surface is in Japan and I don’t get a free year of Xbox Music

So I pre-ordered a Surface and the delivery was always ‘on or before October 26’. In the back of my mind I thought MS would give the first buyers a little something…like delivering it on Thursday, a day early. Well that doesn’t seem likely as my damn Surface is in Japan (finally left China).

OK so I’ll receive this thing on Friday instead of Thursday around midnight (which is what I would have had otherwise because I’d totally be in line at an MS Store). But to add insult to injury MS is giving away 1 year of Xbox Music to the first in-store buyers and there are other prizes being given out if you buy in the store. So if you jumped at this and were a true fan and bought online you get nada. If you waited you could potentially benefit.

Lesson learned…let’s see if I get fooled a second time when they permit me to pre-order a Lumia 920 (I bet it ends up ‘shame on me’).