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So RIMs Tablet Browser Beats The iPads…

Internally we’ve been bickering about discussing what the results of this video showing the rendering capabilities of the BlackBerry PlayBook outperforming Safari on the iPad in terms of speed and rendering capabilities means. First, the video:

Now for something we rarely do – provide you with what our internal email chaos consists of. Take a read and then you can chime in and settle this for us:

iChris: A second or two faster isn’t enough to sway the general public, and that’s who is buying millions and millions of ipads

Caleb: The masses purchasing trend aside (Chris makes a valid point here), that video shows an obvious superior experience. Oh and Chris that was more than a second or two, that was closer to 5 seconds which is considerable. Add the flash support and the rendering/java/html5 tests and it’s kinda a big deal, considering the iPad sells itself on its web/game experience. However Apple can point to a product that has already sold millions whereas RIM hasn’t even released this yet

iChris: I’m not saying that it’s going to be the LITERAL difference of only 1 or 2 seconds.  The fact of the matter is that RIM, Samsung, Dell, etc are all coming into the Tablet game WAY behind.  95% or more of the market belongs to iPad.  I’m not going to say that it will be impossible for anyone to release a device that will sway that market share, but it’s going to be a tough sell to anyone that X-device is better than the iPad simply because it can do a full Adobe Flash web page.  I know that’s Steve’s argument, but his argument is sadly truth.  The masses will still flock to the iPad, which, with the 4.2 update, will be even more useful.  MIDI controllers, custom bluetooth stack interaction, multitasking, etc.. People will want it, there’s 3rd party support for it, and, like has been mentioned, it’s available right now at every Best Buy in the country, walmart, target, etc.. Where’s the PlayBook?  How many people even KNOW about the Tab?
I like the Tab, and the playbook looks pretty sweet, but the reason I will probably get another iPad (whenever the new version comes out) is because of the support and variety of applications that exists now, and will exist in the future, and that’s also the reason that the general public will continue to buy it up in masses.. well, that and because Steve Jobs tells them to.

Jimski: The iPad is doing well because it’s the only show in town. But once people have choices, the game will change. Just like the iPhone, the masses are not flocking to drink the Apple koolaid just because of the iPad. To most, its just a device that happens to be made by that fruit company. Next it may be Samsung or Dell, and after that, who knows.

iChris: I’m not arguing, I’m just saying that there will be plenty of options, but how many of them will be worth a damn in the end?  How many people do you know that have Cowon, Creative, or Sony MP3 players?  Compare that to how many people you know that have iPods.  Segment leaders rarely fall from the top.  iPhone is losing market share because people who never had smart phones are now getting the ability to buy them on Sprint, Verizon and Tmobile (because, you have to be honest, not many people actually wanted a winmo smart phone – we (the ones who did) are just really strange)… if the iPhone were on those carriers, which phone do you think most of those people would buy?  And be honest to yourself about the answer.  What’s the most talked about, purely rumored, upcoming Verizon phone?

I’m not saying all of this to bolster the opinion, choice, or preference of iPhone, iPad, etc.. I’m just saying that there will need to be a much more radical change in the market than just a device.  3rd party support, applications, accessories, etc.. it all needs to be as good, or better than what apple is currently getting in order for a true successor to get ahead, and that has not happened yet.

Caleb: haha I actually own a cowon mp3 player … I thought that was funny because everyone else I know that has a mp3 player has an ipod. I bought the cowon because it actually had better sound quality ratings than the ipod and I could organize my music via folders. case and point I guess

iChris: Absolutely.  Cowon have some of the best audio quality on the market, but how many people will buy it over the more popular, advertised, and shiny iPod? See what I’m getting at?

So, you settle it. Who’s right, or are they both wrong? Sound off in the comments.

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