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Softpro Brings Secure E-Signing to Mobile Devices

Now this is cool. That’s one thing that always bothered me about documents on the computer that there really wasn’t any easy way to sign them if you needed to. yes I know there are ways to do it but they really aren’t as easy as they should be. You normally have to print them out, sign them and then scan them back in to email them off. Softpro SignDoc works with Windows based desktops, but the news is that they’ve just announced the mobile version for Apple and Android users so we can sign our lives away!



Softpro’s SignDoc Mobile application transforms iPads and Android Tablets into secure handwritten e-signature capture devices for e-signing PDF documents. SignDoc Mobile offers an intuitive user interface designed specifically for tablets and utilizes a calligraphic algorithm to provide a natural e-signing experience that mimics pen-on-paper regardless if a stylus or fingertip is used to esign. In addition, Softpro’s SignDoc Desktop application supports e-signing on Windows-based tablets. SignDoc Mobile is now available; for more information please contact Softpro at 1-805-496-5059.

“The adoption of tablets by businesses – led by the iPad – has been quite amazing,” states Rodney G. Vesling, President and General Manager for Softpro NA. ”These devices bring unprecedented mobility to business applications of all types and, when married with electronic signing, provide the ability to complete transactions remotely and securely.”

The launch of SignDoc Mobile further expands Softpro’s ability to provide an electronic signature platform that supports multiple e-signing environments. To implement paperless processes enterprise-wide, businesses want to enable their customers to e-sign no matter where or how the transaction is completed – Softpro’s solution delivers that capability.

About the Softpro Group
The Softpro Group is a world leader in developing and marketing products and solutions for the digital capture, management and verification of signatures. Softpro’s fastest growing line of business is E-Signing solutions. Softpro produces E-Signing software that ranges from Software Developer Kits to a complete platform for desktop or web-based signing. The products are compatible with a wide range of devices for signature capture – including basic pen pads, Tablet PCs as well as Apple iPad and slate computers. E-Siging solutions have proven to generate increased sales revenue, accelerate business processes, lower daily costs, eliminate errors, and protect documents against manipulation. E-Signing with Softpro is environmentally friendly and thus supports Green initiatives and corporate social responsibility programs. Blog: Corporate Site: