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WinX Free DVD Ripper Reviewed

I’m back, long time no see eh? Today I’ve got another DVD ripper program to get your movies onto your phone. This one is free, meaning you don’t have to pay for it, you just have to download it and run it. Free is always nice right, but is a free program any good? We all like getting free stuff, who doesn’t right, but when it comes to software, usually the free programs are just stripped down versions of their ‘pay-for’ counterparts. There are many free options out there for getting you movies onto your phone to take with you, but not all are created equal. The one I have today is from WinX, as the name suggests, and it’s not a bad little program overall as long as you don’t mind waiting quite a while to get the finished product. it’s easy to use, just pop in your DVD, select what format you want your movie in and then just wait until it’s done. It’s much more than just for ripping DVDs to take with you though, it can rip to various formats and you can adjust the sizes as well, so for free it does have a few nice options.


WinX Free DVD Ripper

WinX DVD Ripper is a free software program that facilitates ripping the content of a DVD to computer hard disk drive and converting to popular video formats. It supports all types of DVDs including normal DVDs, CSS protected DVDs, commercial DVDs, Sony ArccOS DVDs, all region 1-6 DVDs and most of popular video formats such as FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG1/2 as output video formats.


   1.  Rip DVD to popular video formats as AVI, FLV, WMV, MPEG, MP4, MOV, etc.
   2. Support DVD NTSC & PAL format and (S)VCD NTSC & PAL format.
   3. Rip DVD audio into MP3 music file.
   4. Support grabbing screenshot from DVD video.
   5. Support ripping in single and batch mode.
   6. All video/audio parameters adjustable for users optimizing video quality.
   7. Supper fast ripping speed, up to 300%-500% real time.
   8. Excellent video/audio quality.
   9. Easy to use and 100% stable.
  10. Multiple DVD source supported as normal DVD, CSS protected DVD, region 1-6, commercial DVD.
  11. 100% Clean, No Spyware, No Malware, No Adware and No Virus.

Supported DVD
Normal DVD, CSS protected DVD, region 1-6, Sony ArccOS, Commercial DVD

Output video formats

Microsoft Windows 98, NT, 2000,2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7


Ok, so we’ll start with the interface, it’s basic and the instructions are right there for you to see in the main window.  At the top are a few buttons, ‘DVD Disc’, ‘DVD Path’, ‘Clear’, ‘Options’, ‘Share’ and ‘Upgrade’. Share and Upgrade obviously don’t have anything to do with the function of the program. Clear is just that, clear what’s there if you’re already ripping a DVD, basically to start over. The DVD Disc button is for opening the DVD in the drive, and the DVD path is for navigating to a DVD that you may have on your PC, or for finding the path to the DVD if the program doesn’t find it.

The ‘Options’ buttons does what one might expect, it opens the options, which there isn’t much of, just Audio and Subtitle Language and Output Folder location.


On the top, across from the buttons is located some smaller icon buttons, the ‘?’ button is to open the help menu if you need more instruction other than what’s on the screen. The others are just visit website and email, again really nothing to do with the program.

On the bottom of the interface are tabs to be able to select the output format and make any adjustments if need be to size and audio.


As with my other review of this kind I’m using the same movie, Stargate Ultimate Edition, hit the DVD Disc Button and up pops a small window to select the disc to be ripped:


Before we start we can make any adjustments if we wish. Since the Tilt uses 320×240 I’ve got to select a custom profile from the drop down box and manually input the size:


Once down adjusting things the way you want, just hit the start button and wait, and wait, and wait…

I peeked into the Task manager and found that WinX DVD Ripper isn’t utilizing my Quad Core CPU fully, so obviously it’s going to take quite a while to complete the process:


It says 14% in the above screen shot, but it topped out at about 30% CPU usage. In a way that’s a good thing as it won’t bog down your computer hogging the CPU, and you can get other things down while it’s working.


So the process took 1:25:45, yes that’s almost as long as the movie, almost an hour and a half to complete the process.

The file I got was 1.17GB in size which is huge. For me that’s not a problem as I’ve got a 16gb card, but still even I couldn’t fit many movies on there at that size.

The final movie was actually very good quality, very clear and the audio was synced with the video. So, despite the size, the final quality is near DVD quality really, it’s clear and looked perfect.

One thing about this software is that you can’t really change the aspect ratio. Some programs will let you convert a 16:9 or widescreen movie to 4:3 or full screen, you can’t here, so you’re stuck with the black bars and a smaller movie really if it’s in widescreen format originally. Considering the screen on a phone is rather small anyway, I always like to convert my movies to full screen.

Sure I could complain about this program and nitpick about things, but it’s free, and you can’t be too hard on a program that is free and works well.

WinX DVD Ripper allows you to easily rip a DVD to take with you, not only on your phone but most anywhere else  since it includes several formats to convert to. So this program can be much more useful that just for ripping DVDs to your phone.

If you’re looking for a free option that works, then check it out, it’s not a bad choice really.




+Excellent final quality

+Easy to use



-Large output file size

-Long conversion time

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