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Some New WP7 Apps To Gaze At

Looks like developers are into WP7. There’s a bunch of new app samples floating around out there to show off what they’re playing with.

Here’s a WP7 Jogging application. It’s linked to the Bing API that tracks a users run on Bing maps and calculates the distance traveled. Pretty straightforward and I’m sure it will continue to progress, like average speed, etc.

Next up is a logic game called Alien Sokoban where you need to get all of the gems to the goal in the least amount of moves. There’s even a video showing the game in action and there are 50 levels.


Here’s a horoscope application.  And a nice weather application that’s in the works. 






 Here’s a simple DoodlePad application. That’s Bill Gates in the photo:) It will eventually link to the camera so you can use that as a background.  And an app to make Microsoft Tags from your phone.


And here’s a screen capture app. Well not an app. It’s the code so that if you want to add the ability within an app this is what you’d need but you can see it in action. These are all part of Reddit and the best part is the devs have provided the source code. Some of these are in earlier stages than others but it’s great to see a community of devs already coming together.