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Sony and Microsoft Merger? Slow Down There

OK so Microsoft apparently picked up two new domains – and so that means they’re merging or doing something Nokia like, right? Well first off Microsoft doesn’t hold the domains or And you know what – and are owned by Dell (and redirects to Yeah they have clear dealings but Dell still supports Android so they’re not married like Nokia is.

Microsoft owns but not (which a squatter owns). There are plenty of squatters out there so it makes sense to buy domains that could ever be relevent (even though is pretty inelegant for a name, no?)

OK but let’s say there is some sort of deal between them. It’s almost definitely not a gaming merger (since that’s cannibalism in an industry that can support multiple players) and it’s almost definitely not mobility (since their Android tablet and portable line is just ramping up and again the gaming thing is a strong sale here). So what’s left? PC, Sony music, Sony movies. There’s some room for them to play with there. My guess? Much ado about nothing. It’s just Microsoft being ambitious and grabbing a domain that redirects to Nothing to see here.