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Sony Announces a New eReader Aptly Named Reader

Seriously and eReader called Reader?! Did they run out of names or what? Couldn’t they come up with anything else? Anyway, you can get the Reader in White, Red or Matte Black and it features E-Ink Pearl (whatever that is I’m not sure). It of course has a touch screen and it’s six inches in size. Personally I don’t understand the whole eReader thing when  tablet can read eBooks and yet do so much more… So it’s out now for $129 and it does have Wi-fi and 2gb of storage.


Sony introduced today Reader™ (PRS-T2), a light and thin 6" eReader with an enhanced, intuitive touch screen optimized for long-term reading and the most natural, immersive reading experience. Available in three colors – white, red or matte black – Reader offers new social features and a simplified and intuitively designed home screen.

The most natural, intuitive eReading experience

The glare-free, E-Ink® Pearl V220 touch screen has been enhanced for optimal long-term reading. It now features intuitive touch, more paper-like page turns, improved continuous page turns and a smoother zoom in and out. The new device features an improved default book layout and makes it easier to organize and find books. The device has two English language and four translation dictionaries built-in and provides up to two months battery life (with wireless off) and 2GB of storage. Readers can swipe a finger to turn a page, zoom in and out by pinching fingers together or apart or write notes on the page or highlight text with a finger or the supplied stylus. Users can also choose from eight font sizes and seven font styles.

Share content wherever you are

The device includes new Facebook® and Evernote® features. Consumers now have the ability to post a short passage from books purchased from Reader™ Store to Facebook directly from the device along with the book cover, author and title.

For the first time, Reader is combining features from Evernote to allow users to save their favorite web content to enjoy any time. Evernote’s Web Clipper allows saving content with a click, and pages saved with Evernote Clearly are optimized for Reader’s crisp E-Ink display. Favorite passages can also be annotated on Reader and saved back to Evernote for viewing later on any smartphone, tablet or PC.

Books at your fingertips from Reader Store and Public Library System

With built-in Wi-Fi®, Reader PRS-T2 offers consumers more access to books anytime and anywhere. Sony continues to offer its popular and critically-acclaimed public library lending feature by offering patrons with a valid library card the ability to easily and conveniently borrow free e-books wirelessly from over 15,000 public libraries in the US via an intuitive, simple-to-use dedicated icon on the device.

Beyond borrowing free books from public libraries, book lovers can also continue to access and download thousands of e-books, newspapers and magazines from Reader™ Store directly to the device using a Wi-Fi connection. Reader Store now offers a web-based Store, giving consumers more freedom to read the content they love, anytime and anywhere. Reader Store accounts are now accessible from most web browsers, and sign-in and purchase can be done without having to install any software to a computer. The web store officially supports the latest browsers on Windows® and Mac® operating systems, including Internet Explorer®, Safari®, Chrome™ and Firefox®.  Any book purchased via web browser will be waiting in the user’s Reader library, ready to be read.

As part of Sony’s collaboration with Pottermore and the Pottermore Shop (the exclusive home of the Harry Potter eBooks), Sony will offer a voucher to redeem against the first eBook in the Harry Potter series,Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, for free. The voucher can be redeemed at the Pottermore Shop following purchase of the matte black Reader PRS-T2.

Reader PRS-T2 is available for order now for about $129 at Sony Stores and online a t and other authorized retailers nationwide. Accessories for Reader include a Cover and a Cover with light, for about $35 and $50 respectively.