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No More Exorcist Green!

SS1 By now, those who follow my obsession with tweaking my Fuze just right know that I’m crazeed with getting rid of as much of that awful (IMHO) Exorcist green that is standard on all TF3D and WM 6.+ highlights, toggles, buttons, checks, etc. FYI, I’m currently running Herg’s awesome WM 6.5 build 23412.

A few months back I, I offered some ‘work around’ solutions that took time and were a hassle (e.g., using UI Tweaker). There is definitely no easy answers, but I have come up with three cabs (all on xda-developers) that seem to get the job mostly done.

I started with amarullz’s cab and zip files that only works for 6.5 builds 23047+. That got a lot of the green out. Plus an added bonus of his tweaks is that the buttons are not rounded-edge square rather than the oval found on the 234xx builds and when you push the soft keys, they light up that nice blue.

Then I installed drsquid’s Blue Focus cab (see post #6). He also has a ton of other great colors.

Finally, I installed snobrdinrtiste’s Blue Highlights cab. He also has some very sporty slider icons.

Admittedly, not perfect blue color matches, but close enough. Now if someone could just find a way to get rid of that terrible green in the dialer. Then I would be one even happier guy!

Edit: Thanks to JoeM who commented on this post, I discovered Laser Inc’s Tachi Dialer Blue Highlights. I installed it and it looks great. See image above left.