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Sony Tablet S Review @ t-break

Here’s another one from the news box that you might find interesting. The crew at T-Break have taken the Sony Tablet S for spin and  it seems they’ve very impressed with it overall. There were a few things that they didn’t like, but it seems the good outweighed the bad overall.

I’ve seen my fair share of tablets, and I have to say that overall I was impressed by Sony’s little baby. The company clearly has taken its time in launching the device, and it shows both in the design as well as the tablet’s features. And should Sony upgrade the OS to ICS, the user experience will become even more fluid that it already is. While I have to nitpick that it was disappointing that none of my video files would play, for the most part features like the DLNA streaming and Remote control certainly push the Tablet S ahead of the barrage of Android tablets in the market. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense Android tablet that can control your gadgets with a flick of your wrist, then this is the one for you.