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Sony XPERIA Arc video showing off the camera capabilities

Here is the second video from Sony Ericsson showing off the XPERIA Arc’s impressive camera capabilities. The first video we showed you a few days ago appeared to show the XPERIA struggling to keep up with the user.  It seems that even though user is a bit “gingerly” with his swipes navigating through the camera’s functionality, the Arc does a much better keeping up and seems pretty crisp. This is something we are watching and hope the final build release will be stable.

The Sony XPERIA Arc opens up with a dedicated camera button that when holding the device in a landscape position, is on the upper right hand side, or the device lower bottom. This makes for some nice photo shooting. Opening the camera app is nice and appears well laid out. On the left you have all the camera settings and on the right you have the most recent pictures taken.

The camera is loaded with features and comes with the Sony Exmor R CMOS sensor that will finally allow a smartphone the ability for low light pictures taking. Another great ability of the camera is to snap pictures right after another without the huge lag like with other smartphone cameras. This is very fast and snappy and brings you closer to a true camera experience. Check out the video for all the details.

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