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Sony Xperia z vs. Nokia Lumia 920 camera test

The folks at phonearena ere nice enough to setup a comparison shoot out between the two heavy weights. I’ve expressed my excitement about Sony’s Xpera Z in the past, I thought it to be the next best thing for android, especially with the bevy of features it brings with it. The Lumia 920, well you know that story, still holding its own in the smartphone market.

The comparison is an interesting one mainly because the Xperia Z holds a fair bit of advantage over the Lumia 920 in terms of megapixel count. The Xperia Z sports a 13MP shooter while the Lumia 920 offers a well tuned 8.9MP camera.

Based on the sample images below, the Xperia Z really comes close to the image quality of the Lumia 920, which is a good thing, or not. The author shot all day time pictures, this is without doubt the Lumia 920’s weakness. I am surprised to see the Xperia Z lacking here, one could only assume the Lumia 920 blows it away in low light settings. None the less, the Zperia Z still has a great camera and is sure to please. Head to phonearea to check out the rest of the comparison images.