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SPB Weather Update 2.1.0 It’s Good For You!

It looks like Spb has been busy fixing some minor bugs from the initial 2.0 release as seen here; and

So what’s new and improved?

Version 2.1.0 (February 10, 2009):

  • Close button 
  • Open day details on tap on Today plug-in
  • Several preinstalled skins for Today plugin
  • City list ordering (menu move up/move down)
  • Tap on weather source list item activates weather sources dialog
  • Weather layer download progress indication
  • New default skin for the Today plugin
  • Fixed problems with adding custom US city
  • Startup city is used for integration with Spb Diary
  • Cities database extended (1600+ cities added)
  • Edit city name (city list/city menu)
  • Gismeteo as a separate weather source 
  • default source for US cities
  • Globe zooming improved (up/down gestures at right size of the screen)
  • Smaller baloons for globe cities
  • Scrollers added
  • Downloading module improved
  • 5 extra skins for today
  • Minor fixes
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