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Sprint’s Touch Pro To Get WinMo 6.5 Update?

Sprint users could be in for a big surprise! According to a letter written by a Sprint Employee to a customer, Sprint is planning on releasing an update for the Touch Pro to Windows Mobile 6.5! With the release of the Touch Pro II that appears all major US Carriers are going to support, it seemed almost impossible that an update to WinMo 6.5 for the Touch Pro would seem likely. But if this turns out to be true, then it is possible that the rest of the carriers could also update the Touch Pro/Fuze to WinMo 6.5. Being a long time AT&T Customer, I am not holding my breath. Here is the letter:


Dear Brett,
Thank you for contacting Sprint. I understand your frustration and appreciate the opportunity to resolve your issue.
Currently, we are working to launch the Windows Mobile 6.5 upgrade for HTC Touch Pro.
Although, no official release date has been declared for the upgrade.
However, as soon as the upgrade is launched, we will inform our customers with high profile promotions.
I understand that there are lot of customers waiting for the release and I can assure you that our technical department is working hard to make it available soon. I appreciate your patience and understanding in this regard.
You can also visit the below hyperlink for more update regarding the updated software available for HTC Touch Pro.
We value your business and appreciate the opportunity to address your
concerns. Visit if we can be of further assistance.
Jaxon M.

via: pocketnow